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14 Feb 2016 23:16

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I use this profile to block calls that have no caller ID (deliberately blocked). I can still answer if I want to, but if they blocked the caller ID (scams, political, sales, etc), then it will go to voicemail and I don't have to wait forever for the rings to finish:

Profile: Block private calls
Conditions: Phone ringing (caller is set to 0)

Entrance task:
Wait: 1 second
End call
Exit task: no exit task

I have tried this with both people on and off my call list. If they do not block their caller ID, it will ring through the entire setting. If they deliberately block the caller ID, however, they have 1 second of ringing, then it goes straight to voicemail.

As stated, this is really handy for those times political offices call, collection agencies, scams, etc). Basically, if the person thinks they need their caller ID blocked, I don't need to talk to them. If it is important, they'll leave a message and I can call back when it's convenient for me.

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