Garbage day

14 Feb 2016 23:05

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While this may seem like a silly profile to have, it's actually very handy. I use it to help remember to take out the trash the night before. Since I have to leave for work at 3am, I don't want to be dragging out the trash right before I go to work, especially if it's bad weather.

Profile: Garbage out

Tuesday (or day before your trash needs to be out)
Time from 8:00am every 2 hours until 6:00 pm
Wifi near: (home network(s)

Entrance task: Garbage out
Exit task: No exit task

Task: Garbage out
Send SMS:
Number(s): (555) 555-1212, (555) 555-1213
Message: It's Tuesday, let's get the trash out so I don't forget or it gets too late.

If I'm working, this won't go off until I get home. If I have the day off, I'll get reminded all day long until I get it done. I don't shut the profile off and just ignore the texts the rest of the day. If I shut it off, I may not remember to turn it back on the next day and will miss the trash pick-up next week.

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