Google Maps Via Tasker / SMS

18 Jun 2016 15:09

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This is in case I get lost and don't show up when / where I'm supposed to. certain family / friends have the code word that can be texted to me. Tasker (Google Play store) picks up that code word, then runs a very short program to send out my current location back to the phone number that just texted me. Takes all of like 20-30 seconds (depending on location and signal strength).

Note I am always using the latest version of Android and Tasker available for my phone

Create an event

Received text

  • Type = Any
  • Sender = Call group: family/2165551212/2165551213
  • Content = Whereareyouat? (Can be any code word or combination).

> You want a code phrase no one is likely to send you by accident

Create a task

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