Locate (using SMS and Google maps)

26 Apr 2015 19:19

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  • There are other locate profiles located in the tasker wiki, but this one works for me without giving me the Library of Congress as my location all the time. I have tested it considerably and it really works quite well now.

All profiles were created using Tasker (v4.6u2/u3) and Android v4.4.4.

Profile is named meeting, or something that most people won't look twice at.

Event - Received text (type any, sender is my wife).

I want my wife's phone as the only one who can send me this code so not just anyone can find me.

Entrance task is:

1. Get location (Source, GPS, timeout 100 seconds)
2. Variable set from %LOCATION to %LOC
3. HTTP Get (Server port will read: (all on one line)


4. Send SMS

send to whatever number you want. message should read as: I'm at http://maps.google.com/maps?z=12&t=m&q=%LOC

I have tested this out and it waits 100 seconds before sending my wife my phone's location, but she can hit the hyperlink in the next message and pulls up Google maps with my exact location. Really handy if I haven't called her in a while during travel and she's worried about me.

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