My tasker profiles (continued)

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Google Maps Via Tasker / SMS - 18 Jun 2016 15:09



This is in case I get lost and don't show up when / where I'm supposed to. certain family / friends have the code word that can be texted to me. Tasker (Google Play store) picks up that code word, then runs a very short program to send out my current location back to the phone number that just texted me. Takes all of like 20-30 seconds (depending on location and signal strength).

Note I am always using the latest version of Android and Tasker available for my phone

Create an event

Received text

  • Type = Any
  • Sender = Call group: family/2165551212/2165551213
  • Content = Whereareyouat? (Can be any code word or combination).

> You want a code phrase no one is likely to send you by accident

Create a task

Block private calls - 14 Feb 2016 23:16


I use this profile to block calls that have no caller ID (deliberately blocked). I can still answer if I want to, but if they blocked the caller ID (scams, political, sales, etc), then it will go to voicemail and I don't have to wait forever for the rings to finish:

Profile: Block private calls
Conditions: Phone ringing (caller is set to 0)

Entrance task:
Wait: 1 second
End call
Exit task: no exit task

I have tried this with both people on and off my call list. If they do not block their caller ID, it will ring through the entire setting. If they deliberately block the caller ID, however, they have 1 second of ringing, then it goes straight to voicemail.

As stated, this is really handy for those times political offices call, collection agencies, scams, etc). Basically, if the person thinks they need their caller ID blocked, I don't need to talk to them. If it is important, they'll leave a message and I can call back when it's convenient for me. - Comments: 0

Lost phone in house - 14 Feb 2016 23:11


I got tired of losing my phone in the house, so this is an especially handy way to find it.

Profile: Lost phone in house
Received text: Any, Sender: C:ANY (anyone in my contacts), Content: 123findme

Entrance task: Lost phone in house
Ringer volume: level 7
Media volume: level 15
Notification volume: level 7
Open file: music/Hello Darlin.mp3
Exit task: no exit task

(note, you can change the directory and the song). It will play until the song is finished. I usually have a good idea what area it's in, so I just need the song length to finish tracking it down under that piece of paper. An alert or sound file works just as well. - Comments: 0

Garbage day - 14 Feb 2016 23:05


While this may seem like a silly profile to have, it's actually very handy. I use it to help remember to take out the trash the night before. Since I have to leave for work at 3am, I don't want to be dragging out the trash right before I go to work, especially if it's bad weather.

Profile: Garbage out

Tuesday (or day before your trash needs to be out)
Time from 8:00am every 2 hours until 6:00 pm
Wifi near: (home network(s)

Entrance task: Garbage out
Exit task: No exit task

Task: Garbage out
Send SMS:
Number(s): (555) 555-1212, (555) 555-1213
Message: It's Tuesday, let's get the trash out so I don't forget or it gets too late.

If I'm working, this won't go off until I get home. If I have the day off, I'll get reminded all day long until I get it done. I don't shut the profile off and just ignore the texts the rest of the day. If I shut it off, I may not remember to turn it back on the next day and will miss the trash pick-up next week. - Comments: 0

Just got home - 14 Feb 2016 23:00


I typically use this profile to send a message to my mother that we just got home after visiting her (50 mile trip). We can unload the car and sit down without having to remember to call her, especially in bad weather. This way, it's done automatically!

Profile: Home -> Travel
Wifi connected: (scan for your home wifi network)

Entrance: Home -> Travel
Send SMS (Phone -> Send SMS)
Number: (555) 555-1212, (555) 555-1213 (or how may ever numbers you want)
Message: I'm home, going to unload, talk to you later.
Profile status - Home -> Travel - Set off

Exit task: Travel

This can be easily modified to let your significant other that you just got home, especially if you have plans. - Comments: 0

Various profiles (home / travel / work / etc) - 14 Feb 2016 22:48


All profiles are done with the latest Android (at this time, Lollipop) and of course updated Tasker from the play store.

For the cell towers, I use the Cell work-around (Preferences -> Monitor -> Cell workaround checked. This allows me to keep updated when my carrier does various maintenance modes with the towers.

For each profile, I scanned the area during the day / night and on weekends. This allows me to capture the towers no matter when I'm there

Profile - Home cell range
Conditions: Cell near

Entrance task: Home cell range
Profile status: Cell zone work - off
Profile status: Cell zone school - off
Profile status: Cell zone mom's - off
Profile status: Cell zone camping - off
Profile status: Cell zone mother-in-law - off
Profile status: Wifi - home (day) - on
Profile status: Wifi - Home (night) - on

Exit task: Travel

Profile - Wifi - Home (day)
From 7:00AM - 7:00 PM
Wifi Near: (scan for your home wifi network(s))

Entrance task: Home wifi (day)
Alarm volume: level 7
Ringer volume: level 7
Media volume: level 7
Notification volume: level 7
BT voice volume: level 7

Exit task: Home cell range

Profile - Wifi - Home (night)
From: 7:01 PM - 6:59 AM
Wifi Near: (scan for your home wifi network(s))

Entrance task: Home wifi (night)
Media volume: level 0
Alarm volume: level 7 (why take the chance my alarm gets silenced)
Notification volume: level 0
System volume: level 0
Ringer volume: level 7 (I have older relatives that may need me for an emergency)

Exit task: Home cell range

Profile: car
BT is connected to either the Jabra Freeway or the Motorola Roadster)

Entrance task: Travel

Exit task: Travel

Task: Travel (NOTE, this is not a profile, this is just a task I can use over and over)
Notification volume: level 7
Alarm volume: level 7
Ringer volume: level 7
Media volume: level 15
BT voice volume: level 15
Profile status: cell zone work - on
Profile status: cell zone school - on
Profile status: cell zone mom's - on
Profile status: cell zone camping - on
Profile status: cell zone mother-in-law - on
Profile status: Wifi - Home (day) - off
Profile status: Wifi - Home (night) - off
Profile status: Wifi - mom's (day) - off
Profile status: Wifi - mom's (night) - off

Basically, the key portions are the volume controls and profile status.

What I accomplish with these various profiles tasks:
1) Trouble-shooting is 99% easier because each area is separate and specific.
2) Each cell zone can trigger multiple tasks - volume can be set up or down as needed.
3) Tasker doesn't bother checking the off profiles, so saves battery and time

The phone doesn't know when I plan to go to work from the house or school, and I might leave school and go to my mom's house. The various profiles allow me to have my own conditons in each area but still allows me to connect to wifi hotspots along the way if I want.

For example, my mom lives 50 miles away. I can stop by the truck stop or grab a bite to eat before I get there and my wifi is still on, even if a specific profile isn't. I can connect to the hotspot, leave there and when I reach her cell tower range, the wifi is turned on for her house and I never have to remember to turn volume up or down when I get there.

The same principle applies at work. If I have a day off, I don't go into that cell tower range, so those profiles don't turn on and the volume stays at full. (Work doesn't allow loud cell phones, so it's muted while I'm at work). Same goes for school. When I leave, the phone connects to my hands-free bluetooth and the entrance / exit tasks are both set to travel. - Comments: 1

Birthday messages - 14 Feb 2016 22:22


I have several profiles set up so I never have to forget to say "happy birthday" to someone.

Profile - Birthday - brother
Entrance conditions: February 16 + From 12:01 am - 12:15 am
(This gives me leeway in case Tasker doesn't check until 12:09 or so)
Task - Birthday - brother
Send SMS
Number: (555) 555-1212
Message: Happy birthday!

Since I don't want them to get messages every few seconds or so for the entire 14 minute time span, I have a forced cooldown period of 1 day. This allows the profile to go off once, then when Tasker does it's checks again, the conditions are no longer met because it is now the next day.

I only did midnight because I like messing with him, but when he gets up and checks his phone, I did wish him happy birthday (in case I can't reach him by calling later). - Comments: 0

Backup my phone - 02 May 2015 18:56


I want my phone backed up every Saturday morning, that way I'm done for the week and ready for the weekend. Since my Tasker profiles are set to be checked every 10 minutes, I set the range to be a 15 minute window, thus allowing the profile to run no matter what time it is.

I prefer to copy the directories and files myself to one main back-up directory. Just makes more sense to me.


     from 01:00 - 01:15


Copy Dir (From Tasker/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From DCIM/Camera/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From Pictures/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From Movies/ to backups)
Create Directory (backups/contacts)
Copy File (From 00001.vcf to backups/contacts)
BoxSync (configuration sync now) <-- free third party app for Box
Delete File (00001.vcf from the root directory)

Basically, this whole profile takes my phone, backs up each directory I specify to one central area, then uses the third party app (Boxsync) to put everything in the phone directory in Box. Now I don't have to worry about losing any data. Even if I do lose something, it's only lost since last Saturday.


I found a slightly better way on the Internet to move multiple copies of the .vcf contact file from the root directory


     Saturday + 01:00 - 01:15am


Copy Dir (From Tasker/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From DCIM/Camera/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From Pictures/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From Ringtones/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From Podcasts/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From Music/ to backups)
Copy Dir (From Movies/ to backups)
List Files (Dir /storage/emulated/0)
     For (Variable %file & Items %files()
          Move %file To backups/contacts
     End For
BoxSync (configuration sync now) <-- free third party app for Box
- Comments: 0

Julian date - 30 Apr 2015 07:42


  • I did not create this profile, I found it on the net after quite a bit of searching.

To get the current Julian date:

1. Create your task by adding a JavaScriplet
Code -> Javascriptlet

In the code section:
Date.prototype.getDOY = function() {
var onejan=new
return Math.ceil((this-onejan)/86400000);
var today = new Date();
var daynum = today.getDOY();

I know Math.ceil looks weird, but it works

2. Say
Today's Julian date is %daynum.

3. Pop-up
Text: Today's Julian date is %daynum.

4. Profile status
Julian date set off (I turn off the profile since I only need to know once a day at work).
- Comments: 0

Locate (using SMS and Google maps) - 26 Apr 2015 19:19


  • There are other locate profiles located in the tasker wiki, but this one works for me without giving me the Library of Congress as my location all the time. I have tested it considerably and it really works quite well now.

All profiles were created using Tasker (v4.6u2/u3) and Android v4.4.4.

Profile is named meeting, or something that most people won't look twice at.

Event - Received text (type any, sender is my wife).

I want my wife's phone as the only one who can send me this code so not just anyone can find me.

Entrance task is:

1. Get location (Source, GPS, timeout 100 seconds)
2. Variable set from %LOCATION to %LOC
3. HTTP Get (Server port will read: (all on one line)

4. Send SMS

send to whatever number you want. message should read as: I'm at

I have tested this out and it waits 100 seconds before sending my wife my phone's location, but she can hit the hyperlink in the next message and pulls up Google maps with my exact location. Really handy if I haven't called her in a while during travel and she's worried about me. - Comments: 0

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